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It’s been a loooong week and I never got to thank Christina for my order of the 1/2 kilo split. I got Twisted Red, Green Jong Kong, Pink Sunrise, Bunny Hops and Unbreakable Rainbow.

Twisted Red is amazing for pain! 9/10 for me 5/10 for mood and 5/10 for energy. It’s not a sleepy red for me which is great. I can take it and still take care of the kids.

Bunny Hops is excellent for mood and energy 8/10 for both. I took this one most of the week late morning, having all the kids home from school and trying to navigate.

And as always, GJK, Pink Sunrise, and Unbreakable Rainbow didn’t disappoint 🌈

Got my order yesterday, I couldn't be happier!! Unbreakable is definitely my favorite, but I enjoy all of Unikorn Candy's tea, I haven't tried anything that I was disappointed about. Christina puts love into each and every order. Thank you I am so grateful for you!! I will not buy from anyone else, period.
My favorite cupboard is running out of room lol 😂 So far Indecision is ahhhhmazing!
I have tried several vendors and several strains and I really am thrilled with the texture of Unikorn Candy. It is so much easier to take. It isn't sludge and thick. Much much better. Thank you Christina!!💜👏👏👏👏🍃

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